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Cloakroom Solutions for other types of companies

Not every cloakroom solution can be the same. Every cloakroom deals with different issues, such as:

  • large visitor numbers
  • high peak crowd pressure at entrance just after opening of an event and before closure at the exit.
  • staff can be a team of temp workers with low involvement levels
  • insufficient turnover control
  • sometimes a lack of space to properly organise the cloakroom.
  • lost items tend to be expensive leather coats
  • cloakrooms also store umbrellas and luggage

We have furnished many cloakrooms and provided several management systems at exhibition and conference centres. We have summarized some of our best  advice and practical tips for your type of business. 

We are pleased to offer you our free on-site consultancy service. Our site scan will provide you with clear recommendations on how to implement the most efficient cloakroom system or for instance how to maximize capacity. Our practical advice is based on many of installations we have done in the last 15 years. Make an appointment now.

Your cloakroom is your calling card: the first and last impression for your customers.