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Downloads & FAQ

Coatcheck OneFive

Download User Manual (PDF)
See instruction Video
Download Windows Software
Download Sample Logo Pack

Coatcheck OneFive

Printer can't connect to the sofware?
Switch WiFi OFF on your PC. Give permission for the software to pass your Firewall (always click Yes on installing and starting up). Connect direct to your PC or via a network hub such as a router.

Coatcheck Orange

Download User Manual
Download Installation software active USB cable
Download Windows software for CoatCheck Orange
Download Windows software for CoatCheck Orange XTRA (after August 2012)

Coatcheck Orange

No print appears on the ticket?
Please make sure the paper is inserted the right way. The printer uses thermal paper, therefore there is no ink in the printer inself, but inside the paper. This ink will only appear if the right side is up.

The set up menu is not available?
Please print a Z report first.

There is no connection with the software?
Please install the active USB cable first, make sure you use only the original supplied cable, the connection will not work with any other USB cable. After this, print a Z-Report and install the Windows software.

Software says I need to print a Z-report, but I have done so already?
Answer: this normally happens when you press the button in the back too long, so instead of printing a Z-report, you print the previous Z-report again. The solution therefore is simple: press the button on the back, keep it pressed, switch the printer on, and let go as soon as the first part of the ticket is printed, the printer will now print a Z and afterwards you will be able to connect to the software.

Blackbox One

Blackbox Five

Download your BlackBox manual

Including instructions for installation, printing cloakroom tickets and management reports.
Some models also allow for setting date & time to be printed on tickets.

Blackbox One

Blackbox Five

No text printed on ticket?
These thermal printers print on one side of the paper only. Please make sure the paper is not inserted upside down. The coloured side needs to face up.

Print quality is bad on part of the ticket?
The printhead needs to be cleaned. Print 20-50 tickets to see if the print improves. If not, the printhead may need to be cleaned with cotton bud, dipped in alcohol. You can always contact us to guide you through this process. Make sure the printhead is not damaged by using any sharp material as this would void the warranty.

Printer does not feed full ticket through?
Unplug the power, wait for 20 seconds and plug the power back in. The printer will now restart.

Reset Printer
Unplug the power, wait for 20 seconds and plug the power back in. The printer will now restart.

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