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Double racks

Double coat rails are ideal for cloakrooms with limited space for coat rails. The advantage is that you can hang two layers of coats from them, instead of only one layer. We always have coat racks in stock, ordered before 6:30 PM = shipped the same day.

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Why use double coat racks?

In contrast to a single coat rails, a double coat rack does not have one bar to hang clothes hangers, but two on top of each other. The advantage of this is that you can hang twice as many coats on the same surface as from a single coat rack.

Our high-quality coat racks are made of metal and are mobile thanks to the wheels attached under the rack. Even if the double coat rack is full of heavy coats, it is still easy to move.

Double coat rails for clothes hangers and extra options

Hangers are a tricky item to store neatly, because they get all tangled up when you put them in a bin. The solution for this is a narrow coat rack with several layers. The clothes hangers can thus be quickly prepared, which is especially desirable at peak times in the cloakroom. You can also opt for a standard for empty clothes hangers.

Do you prefer to use clothes hooks instead of hangers in the cloakroom? Then you can place an attachment with hooks on the racks.

Order double coat racks of excellent quality at Cloakroom.co.uk

We always have enough coat rails to be able to deliver them immediately. Did you order the desired coat racks before 6:30 PM? Then we will ship the same day with no extra shipping costs.