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Coat racks

You can order coat rails of the highest quality here, for your efficiently arranged cloakroom. All racks are in stock, if you order before 6:30 PM the order will be shipped the same day.

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Efficiently organise your cloakroom with sturdy coat racks

To prevent the cloakroom from becoming chaotic and that garments are lost, it is important to arrange the cloakroom in the right way. With a well-arranged cloakroom you also limit the waiting time at peak times, allowing customers to experience a better cloakroom experience.

All kinds of coat rails for a smart cloakroom system

In our range we offer three types of clothing racks, namely racks with a single rod, racks with two rods above each other and folding racks. All racks are available in a narrow version and in a wide variety. In this way, all cloakrooms can be set up in such a way that all space is used efficiently.

Before ordering the coat rails, we recommend to properly measure the available cloakroom space so that you can order the right racks and you make optimal use of the space.

Buy coat racks of excellent quality

Choose an efficiently furnished cloakroom with coat racks from Cloakroom.co.uk. All our products are always in stock, so orders placed before 6:30 PM are shipped the same day. Without extra shipping costs.