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Plastic coat hangers

Our plastic clothes hangers are of high-quality plastic, making them suitable for carrying heavy coats and other items of clothing. You can order inexpensive plastic coat hangers from Cloakroom.co.uk, ordered before 6:30 PM and shipped the same day.

  1. £65.34 £54.00

High quality plastic coat hangers for your cloakroom

Because our hangers are made of very sturdy plastic, they will not break easily and last a long time. They are fitted with a trouser bar that has two important functions: offering extra strength and the possibility to place additional garments on the hanger. Because of the extra slat the hanger forms a firmer unit and can is easily used to hang scarves.

Very competitively priced black plastic clothes hangers

We offer black clothes hangers at very attractive prices. For 100 pieces you only pay ₤ 57.50, they are delivered in a cardboard box. Are you looking for even cheaper clothes hangers? Then have a look at our wooden clothes hangers. These are heavier than the plastic hangers but are also sturdier.

Order cheap black plastic hangers at Cloakroom.co.uk

The clothes hangers in our range are always in stock. If you place your order before 6:30 PM, we will send it the same day. Of course, orders are sent free of charge at Cloakroom.co.uk.