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Coat hangers

Sturdy and neat clothes hangers are indispensable in a cloakroom. High quality plastic and wooden clothes hangers are ordered here in large numbers at low cost. Ordered before 6:30 PM = shipped the same day.

High quality clothes hangers for a professional cloakroom

The use of clothes hangers can break or make a good cloakroom. It is not professional if the cloakroom is equipped with all kinds of unstable and different clothes hangers. Moreover, this makes the clothes racks chaotic and makes coats fall from the hangers.

At Cloakroom.co.uk you can order large quantities of the same clothes hangers at the best price at once.

High quality wooden and plastic clothes hangers with trouser bar

Here you can order high quality clothes hangers of both wood and plastic. The wooden clothes hangers are available in different quantities with larger numbers offering more discount. Plastic coat hangers are available per 100 pieces.

The trouser bar in our clothes hangers provide extra strength and the possibility to tie loose garments such as a scarf around the trouser bar. This reduces the chance of losing it in the cloakroom. Especially in winter people often wear heavy winter coats, thanks to the trouser bars the hangers can also carry these heavy winter coats.

Order sturdy clothes hangers for your cloakroom at Cloakroom.co.uk

We always have clothes hangers in stock. If you order before 6:30 PM, the clothes hangers will be shipped the same day without extra shipping costs.